OH.MG was created by a bit of enthusiasm to self-host my content and be more consistent through gemini, gopher, the BBS, and on the web.

It was also a real stress test if I could build a multi-server (physical and virtual) environment that stored data on the cloud just in case my hardware went boom.

this web site

It was a great success, and OH.MG ticks along nowadays. You can even see the uptime stats which aren't half bad for a practical data centre on a shelf in an apartment in Paris.

How I will crossover OH.MG and K.MBA / K.CYMRU, I have no idea. Content might be mirrored between the two, but the K. domains aren't likely to ever replace OH.MG. She's a classic that one, and I do enjoy finding new ways to work with that site.

And before you ask, no these domains are not for sale. Go find your own.