a rare selfie

k.cymru is an official creation from of the future eternal robot overlord king of earth (don't shame my dreams) that is a more modern version of the original.

I generally post online mainly in English but I am starting to make the effort to post in French as well.

It is also worth mentioning that my main blog is at blog.sus.fr, but this one is where I keep copies or write while my self-hosted instance is down because I can't afford to pay the internet bill on time.

Keep in mind this site is very incomplete, WriteFreely isn't my favourite writing platform, and 100% of the time I won't mirror updates from blog.sus.fr on time or correctly.

Gan weld fel yr estyniad parth dwi wedi defnyddio ar gyfer #Cymru, byddaf yn ceisio cynnwys cynnwys yn Gymraeg.

Dwi newydd ddechrau dysgu'r iaith a dwi'n gobeithio bod y cyfieithydd yn gwneud job dda nes bydd gen i eirfa well.

Read more about me on sus.fr

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